Hello there!

My name is Taryn Harbridge and I am a Christian musician living in Pennsylvania. I enjoy sharing covers of my favorite hymns, movie themes, and video game themes on my YouTube channel. I will be releasing my very first physical album of instrumental hymns (Sept. 26th, 2020), which will be up for sale on this website. :)

My music has a large Celtic influence and I've always gravitated toward Celtic instruments. Some of my biggest musical inspirations are Enya, Celtic Woman, Keith & Kristyn Getty, Thomas Bergersen, and Christopher Tin. Other inspirations of mine include nature, animals, and my amazing family and friends.


My desire as a musician (and person) is to share Jesus with the world, whether that be through a nature video or a cover of a hymn. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is THE most monumental, life-changing story to ever take place, and I want my music to be an outpouring of my praise and thankfulness for what Jesus did not only for me, but for everyone. If you don't know Jesus, please consider reading through the gospel of John and dive into finding out what He's all about. :)