Hello there!

Thank you for visiting my website. :) Chances are you have come here from my channel on YouTube. Let me introduce myself, tell you about my mission, and let you know a bit about what you will find on this website.


My name is Taryn Harbridge and due to God's great mercy and grace, I am a born again Christian. I love to write/arrange music and create music videos that glorify God and point others to Him. My ultimate desire is to glorify God, to uplift and encourage the body of Christ, and to share the amazing Good News of the gospel with the world.

I am currently working on reinventing this website, so at the moment it is quite bare. However, within the next couple of months I will be launching a new store dedicated to selling jewelry and light catchers. I have immensely enjoyed preparing for this new creative adventure, but my main purpose and intent with this new store is to share the Good News of the gospel with the world. For every order made in my store, I will send a detailed gospel tract to each costumer.